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Bitcoin and retirement: US House Bill to include crypto on 401(K) plans

United States Representative Byron Donalds has introduced a bill in the United States House of Representatives to incorporate Bitcoin into the 401(K) retirement plans of every American household. It’s a new and bold move, as the bill also significantly strengthens the Financial Freedom Act of 2022, which was also implemented this month. Donalds’ bill seeks […]

House bill

House Bill Aims to Protect Bitcoin Retirement Accounts From Federal Ban

Following last week’s crypto crash, which caught the attention of regulators and government officials, a group of Republicans in Congress today introduced a bill that would “protect” investors’ ability to add Bitcoin 401(k) retirement plans. The bill, the House companion to the Financial Freedom Act of 2022, was introduced by Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) with […]

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Ohio House Bill would urge voters to choose school safety measures | Ohio News | Cincinnati

Click to enlarge Photo: Taylor Wilcox, Unsplash A bill that could soon be voted on in the Ohio House would put the decision of whether or not to have a school resource officer up to voters in each school district. House Bill 501 seeks to amend Ohio law which, according to the bill’s sponsors, does […]

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Lafayette hairstylists weigh in on House Bill 41 that would ban discrimination against certain hairstyles | News

LAFAYETTE, La. (KADN)– A bill is being discussed upstairs at Louisiana House that would ban discrimination against “protective” hairstyles like braids, dreadlocks and afros. Demeca Prier, a licensed hairstylist, told News15 she has been doing protective hairstyles for more than 22 years. There have been many times when his clients asked him to change his […]

House bill

House Bill to modernize NOAA weather radio passes; Sent to the Senate

This radio made by Midland is one of many special radios that can receive NOAA emergency alerts and weather forecasts across the country. Image: Midland A bill to modernize NOAA’s National Weather Radio System has successfully passed the House and is sent to the Senate for consideration. Known as HR 5324, the “NOAA Weather Radio […]

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What is House Bill 296? How would it present overdose deaths?

Every month we resuscitate someone in our hall who is literally dying of a drug overdose. Without interruption, this process can lead to death. Our team, like many first responders, has access to a drug called naloxone, which blocks the effect of opiates on the brain and ultimately reverses the overdose. Every overdose averted with […]

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Senate GOP puts up roadblocks to bipartisan bill for veterans care of burning fireplaces

Michael McAuliff Thousands of military veterans who are sick after being exposed to toxic smoke and dust while serving are facing a Senate obstacle to ambitious legislation designed to provide them with care. The Senate could begin work as early as this week on a bipartisan bill, called the Honoring Our PACT Act, which passed […]

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House Bill 563 passes out of committee

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A bill making it easier for landlords to rent their properties short-term is about to become law. What do you want to know A bill making it easier for landlords to rent out their properties short-term is set to become law House Bill 563 limits how a city, township or municipality can […]

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House Bill 322 Improves Ferry System Stability and Future Purses

The future of the Alaska Sea Route and higher education investment funds would be protected from the annual Constitutional Budget Reserve sweep under House Bill 322, which passed the House of Alaska on Monday, May 2, in a 25-15 vote. The legislation removes the AMHS Fund, AMHS Ship Replacement Fund and Higher Education Investment Fund […]

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What Is an Installment Loan and How Does It Work? Green Day Online

Have you heard of the term “installment loan” but are not certain what it actually means? An installment loan is actually a typical credit product. In reality, you may be carrying one. Installment loans also known as installment credit are credit accounts in which you repay over a specific amount of time. They might or may not contain […]