House bill

A new internal bill authorizes self-service alcohol in certain companies

A new bill allows businesses licensed to sell alcohol to let customers pour beer and wine themselves through automated machines.

House Bill 2380 allows customers to pour their own drinks.

Customers must first prove that they are at least 21 years old to purchase alcohol and use the machines.

Machines will automatically pause service after reaching 32 ounces of beer and 10 ounces of wine.

An employee will then scan the wristband to see the exact amount paid by the customer and charge accordingly.

Three years ago, Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ in the Yukon became the first restaurant with pour-your-own machines, but they had to have someone licensed and old enough to pour the drinks for the first two years.

Owner Eddie Steffensen then pushed through a special law allowing them to use the machines, but now all restaurants can use them.

“Any time someone needed another drink, someone would have to come get me from the office or the back of the store,” Steffensen said. “We had to make sure we had someone who could take care of it, so [the new law] definitely helped with some work issues.

Steffensen said guests have been loving the experience so far.

“They love trying different things. It doesn’t cost a ton of money,” Steffensen said. “It’s just going to improve the experience for everyone and keep them coming back.”