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AG Knudsen on Mandate of Vaccines – Exceptions to Bill 702

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen was a popular Talk Back guest on Friday as KGVO phone lines were blocked even before his visit began.

Knudsen said the vaccination mandate proposed by President Joe Biden will be enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

“People don’t like these health care decisions being forced on them by the federal government,” Knudsen said. “So we announced right away that as soon as this OSHA rule was in effect, Montana was going to sue. The good news is that there are 25 other Republican attorneys general who have said the same thing. “

Knudsen said he expects this case to end up in the United States Supreme Court.

“A little less than a week ago, we asked a federal judge for a stay to impose an injunction on this OSHA rule,” he said. “For the moment, this OSHA rule has been removed, but it has been suspended at the Federal Court level, pending the outcome of these several lawsuits. I think most likely the prosecutions will likely be combined, and I also think we will most likely end up in the United States Supreme Court on this issue, because it is a big constitutional question.

Another popular question for the Attorney General was referring to House Bill 702, when a caller asked him if a medical facility employee could sue for his immunization requirements.

“It would not be a violation of House Bill 702,” he said. House Bill 702 specifically exempted healthcare facilities from this anti-discrimination lawsuit or the threat of lawsuits, ”he said. “So this edict from the Community Medical Center would not violate House Bill 72. This is very important.”

Knudsen said the state legislature tied their hands to him over a mandate to vaccinate at a medical facility.

“The lawmaker has not given me a stick to do anything in these cases,” he said. “This is a self-help situation if you are discriminated against in violation of Bill 702. You have the right to file a complaint with the Human Rights Office and then according to your result, you can sue. employer for unfair dismissal.

Listen to the entire conversation by clicking on this link.

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