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Governor of Louisiana on the signed House Bill 1

Statement from Governor Edwards on Signing a Responsible Budget for Louisiana with Historic Investments in Education and Infrastructure

Baton Rouge, LA (STL.News) Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he had signed House Bill 1, which is Louisiana’s budget bill, making historic investments in education and infrastructure that will improve the lives of Louisianans and the state’s prospects.

Governor Edwards said:

“I was proud to sign a responsible budget that invests heavily in the things that improve the daily lives of Louisianans, including education at all levels and infrastructure across the state. This will propel us through the upcoming fiscal year on the path to continued success. This is the best budget for higher education in Louisiana history, and it includes salary increases for faculty and support staff. , this is the fifth and largest salary increase for K-12 teachers in Louisiana since I became governor.

“Working with the Legislative Assembly, we were able to make historic investments in several large-scale infrastructure projects, including the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge, the Lake Charles Bridge, and the I-49 Lafayette Connector. We again refused to spend non-recurring income on recurring expenses. Indeed, more than $200 million of recurring revenue was allocated to non-recurring expenses. This is sound fiscal policy.

“Because of our efforts to match revenues and expenses and pay down debt, Moody’s has raised Louisiana’s issuer rating and revised its outlook for our state to stable. This resulted from the hard work my administration and the legislature did together to bring Louisiana’s finances under control.

“This budget and the state’s improving outlook is a testament to the good things that happen in Louisiana when we work together for the good of the people.”

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