House bill

Governor Reeves signs House Bill 530, giving teachers long-awaited pay raise

Governor Tate Reeves signed into law House Bill 530, which gives Mississippi teachers and teaching assistants the largest pay increase in Mississippi history.

The legislation provides an average salary increase of $5,140 for teachers and $2,000 for assistant teachers. This major investment in Mississippi education will put average starting salaries for teachers in the state ahead of national and Southeast averages.

“When it comes to providing a quality education for our children, we get the job done,” Governor Tate Reeves said. “These salary increases will help solidify Mississippi’s competitive position to not only entice educators to stay in our state, but also to proactively recruit people to move here and teach in our communities. This legislation is a stake in the ground that proudly declares Mississippi’s enduring commitment to supporting our educators and our education system, and I am thrilled to sign it.

In recent years, Mississippi has set several records with state graduation rates at record highs and dropout rates at historic lows.

The increases represent the Reeves administration’s ongoing commitment to strengthening education and equipping Mississippi children with the academic tools and resources necessary to become successful Mississippi adults.

The signing of the legislation represents the fulfillment of a promise made by Governor Reeves on the campaign trail in 2019 when he pledged to secure a well-deserved pay raise for teachers in Mississippi.

Governor Reeves made the announcement during a bill signing ceremony at Madison Central High School. The signature was broadcast on Facebook Live and can be viewed in its entirety here.