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House Bill 1001 stalls in special session

Monday, CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – The Senate Appropriations Committee has taken public comments from business and medical industry leaders.

These leaders were concerned about the loss of federal funding, going against the government. As a result, they voted to remove some of the language from HB 1001, which could potentially bring these companies into conflict with federal mandates.

Today was the second Senate reading of HB 1001 and HB 1002.

“We’re going to have to wait and see how the amendments fit in. But one thing we’ve done for sure is make it a lot shorter and with the Hutching amendment it made it more…we We’re following the constitution and following it very closely. We’re going to have to go back and read and see how it plays out,” said Mike Gierau, Sen., Dist. 17.

HB 1001 returned to the Senate heavily amended, removing language that pitted business against government.

HB 1001 was the bill that prohibits employers from requiring a Covid vaccine for employment.

Today, these amendments have failed.

The push will be to let the courts argue, to understand the mandate and the laws.

HB 1002 protects individual rights and prohibits enforcement of the vaccine mandate.

“With 1002, we basically turned the bill into a resolution which, in fact, I think was a good move because it clearly laid out our state’s issues with federal government mandates and I think that he clearly explained why,” Gierau said.

Tomorrow will be the third hearing and the last chance for the bill to pass or be defeated.

Additionally, HB 1002 has been amended, turning it into a hybrid of a bill and a resolution.

The special session of the Senate ends tomorrow, and the House could continue after Wednesday.

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