House bill

Internal bill seeks to declare October National Esports Month

Michelle Lojo –

September 5, 2022 | 3:56 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines — A bill submitted to Congress last August hopes to tackle the negative image that plagues esports.

Bill 01285 or legislation declaring October of each year as “National Esports Month” and for other purposes will be a month-long celebration of esports, as well as an information campaign to raise awareness of the growing industry.

The bill was introduced by Representative Christopher de Venecia of the Pangasinan 4th District. At the previous Congress, de Venecia tabled a resolution to examine the state of esports and its possible classification as a creative industry.

“Sinubukan namin intindihin kung yung esport ba is a creative industry, in addition to being a legitimate sport like sport dancing is both a sport and a creative industry, within the framework of the performing arts. Na-realizes natin dun its audience at the last Congress na esports pala is really a nexus for many different creative industries.” de Venecia explained.

Previous hearings revealed an issue that the esports industry still faces today: how esports is still viewed in a negative light, sometimes being categorized with gambling and other bad habits that lead young people astray. .

“Nag is filing a bill in Congress to declare October National Esports Month. October 23rd is World Esports Day, so we will not just be celebrating a day, but an entire month here in the Philippines. Gusto natin macombat yung stigma What the bill will do if passed into law is it will direct DepEd, CHED, PSC, National Sports Academy and Philippine News Agency to make a information campaign and also working with the private sector, like PeSO, and all the different stakeholders, we can really integrate and have a national celebration of National Esports Month in October.” adds from Venecia.

For Representative Faustino Michael Carlos T. Dy III, Chairman of the House Committee on Youth Development and Sports, the negative stigma that plagues esports stems from the lack of information provided, especially to the older generation. .

“I think kulang lang talaga sa information yung older generations [when it comes to esports]. I think we need to have a stiffer para campaign to let the older generation know that esports is – na hindi siya bisyo. He is the main source of income, the income is not shared by the family and, more importantly, the pride of the prohibition to represent the SEA Games or the Asian Games. Hopefully the sport will develop further in the years to come. It really is a big industry here that we need to push and promote for future generations,” Dy said.

The country’s esports governing body, Philippine Esports Organization (PeSO), is grateful for the government’s support as the organization continues to promote esports in the country.

“It’s good that we have someone in Congress who helps us too. Kasi before it was just purely private but now we have advice and help from the government side which we are very happy about and we are very grateful,” said Joebert Yu., Secretary General of PeSO at a press conference.

Also present at the press conference was Tony Silva, Senior Director of Marketing for MOONTON Games Esports, who thanked the two lawmakers, as well as PeSO for their support of the esports industry. He said the Mobile Legends: Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) would not be where it is today without their help.

“Without their support, without putting the industry and our league in the spotlight, we wouldn’t be here. The fact that we’ve reached Congress, and that PeSO is here and is very aggressive in supporting us, shows the growth of any the industry and of course, [the growth of] our league,” Silva explained.

The PeSO Executive Director commended the efforts of the local MOONTON office to ensure that the nation’s league is home to the best of the best when it comes to Mobile Legends.

“From the PeSo side, we really see MOONTON PH’s efforts to provide a very good structure for their esports title and we can see the fruits of their labor when we won the last two golds coming from Mobile Legends This shows that the Moonton teams’ footprint in the development of the esports scene [of] their game. That’s why PeSO is really happy [in partnering] with them to make sure our program is in place and we get more medals hopefully because we think Filipino Mobile Legends [players] are the best of the best,” Marcelo said.