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Ministry to review house construction works for Talang Mamak tribe

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Social Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini has confirmed that her ministry will look into constructing habitable houses in the traditional area of ​​the Talang Mamak tribe to support their quality of life.

“For housing, God willing, I will think about it. I will try to study it. Later, we will work on the houses according to our capacities”, noted the minister in a press release received here on Friday.

During a visit to a traditional Talang Mamak tribe village in Talang Jarinjing village area in West Rengat sub-district, Indragiri Hulu district, Riau on Thursday, Rismaharini heeded residents’ requests for decent housing.

The minister pointed out that empowering remote indigenous communities (KATs), such as the Talang Mamak tribe, is one of the responsibilities of the Ministry of Social Affairs for the welfare of the Indonesian people. She stressed that the state should be there for all citizens, including the Talang Mamak tribe.

Rismaharini asserted that his side will conduct a survey on the location to be used as a place to build habitable houses, including the availability of land and the structure of the building, since the houses of the Talang Mamak tribe had a distinctive design.

The Minister also invited the community to jointly identify their problems and needs.

In addition to the dwellings, the Talang Mamak tribe requested that a traditional hall be built according to customary standards. They also requested an ambulance, as it was a necessity for many residents in remote areas to quickly access health services.

“I will consider and act on this request,” she said.

Furthermore, the discussion highlighted the participation of the Talang Mamak tribe in the Family Hope (PKH) program. The Ministry of Social Affairs and local governments will work together to verify the data.

“Later, we will match the data for the beneficiaries. Please submit your data to the village chief,” she said, answering a question about a Talang Mamak tribesman’s participation in PKH.

There are at least 307 heads of families living in Talang Jarinjing village. Meanwhile, thousands more are spread across several areas of Riau and Jambi provinces.

On the same occasion, Minister Rismaharini and Indragiri Hulu District Chief Rezita Meylani Yopi distributed aid in the form of 50 basic food parcels to the community.

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