House bill

Substitute House Bill 227 would allow Ohioans to carry guns without a license

(WKBN) — The Ohio House committee passed Substitute House Bill 227.

If it became law, it would allow Ohioans to carry a gun without a license. It would also change the law so that drivers are not required to tell officers if they have a gun unless they are asked directly.

The bill would make Ohio the 22nd state to allow transportation without a license.

However, the rule doesn’t allow everyone to get a gun – it still prevents people who have already been in trouble with the law from buying a gun.

Those who buy a firearm without knowing that they are not authorized to do so could still be in trouble.

Local firearms instructor Jared Markotan said that ultimately anyone who owns a firearm should learn how to use it.

“I’ve never had anyone out of thousands of students, I’ve never had anyone who didn’t come out of a class who wasn’t completely impressed with what they learned. and just felt like they had a much stronger, solid knowledge base,” said the owner of Markotan Defense Solutions.

A similar bill, SB 215, is pending in the Ohio Senate. He received two hearings from the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and Public Safety.